Employee Spotlight: Roger Smith

February 3rd, 2018 by

Roger Smith

Let me introduce you to our main man Roger! Roger has been in the auto business since 1974. He graduated from Marion Harding and was very eager to start his career the very next day!

Q: How long have you worked at Chesrown?
A: Since November 1985, I got in the auto business in 1974 in Marion, Ohio.

Q: Tell us about your Family?
A: I’ll be married to my wife for 25 years on May 23! I have two sons, two granddaughters and one grandson. I love showing my grandson how to work on cars.

Q: Favorite thing to do outside of work?
A: Hanging outdoors, fishing, shooting, spending quality time with the grandkids and family.

Q: Whats one thing you couldn’t live without?
A: Good cold beer, with wings and pizza!

Q: Where is your favorite place to be?
A: I’d say the gulf side of Flordia, and the Caribbean islands with my wife.

Q: Whats the weirdest job you’ve ever had?
A: I worked at Charlie’s part store in Richwood, Ohio I really didn’t like it though. I didn’t enjoy stocking the shelf I was more interested in doing things hands on.

Q: Favorite Car?
A: Any Corvette, however, I do wish I had my old RoadRunner back from drag racing.

Q: Tell us one thing that might surprise us about you?
A: I enjoy a nice party, and I also wear my heart on my sleeve. I go to church on Sundays and believe in God and America that’s just how I am!