Tips for Getting Your Car Ready for Summer

May 6th, 2021 by

Summer is finally here, and now is the perfect time to set out on an exciting road trip to explore Delaware, Ohio, and beyond. The ideal summer driving adventure requires a vehicle that’s in the best shape possible, so before you start packing your bags, be sure you’ve run through this handy checklist for preparing your car for warm-weather fun.

Give your car a thorough cleaning

Heading out on a long-awaited summer vacation won’t be nearly as fun if your car is a mess. Set aside some time to thoroughly clean both the interior and exterior of your car before you put a single suitcase in your trunk. A good polish will protect the surface of your car from the hot summer sun, and a clean cabin will give you a pleasant and organized home away from home while you drive. If you’re in need of a professional cleaning, drop your car off at Chesrown Chevrolet Buick GMC and leave the hard work to us.

Inspect your tires

The colder months of the year can have some nasty effects on your tires. Before you commit to hours of driving, be sure to inspect your tires for signs of cracking, strange bulges, or worn-down treads. Don’t forget to check the air pressure in all of your tires, including your spare. If your tires need some extra air, a rotation, or to be replaced completely, our hard-working team at Chesrown can help you with all of the above.

Check your fluids

Leaving for a road trip without checking your fluid levels is never a good idea. Take a look at your engine oil and make sure it’s the right consistency and filled to the appropriate level. If you need an oil change, don’t hesitate to pay Chesrown Chevrolet Buick GMC a visit. We can also top off your transmission, power steering, and wiper fluids before you set out on your adventure.

Test all of your mechanics

The last thing you want is to have an important component or function of your car stop working during a vacation. Be sure to test your car’s lights, doors, alignment, and connectivity features before beginning your drive. Take your car for a brief spin around to block to test your suspension to make sure you’re riding smoothly. Give your windshield wipers a once-ever to ensure that their rubber hasn’t worn away. If you need new wipers, our mechanics at Chesrown can help you install new ones.

For all of your summer driving and road trip prep, schedule your next service appointment at Chesrown Chevrolet Buick GMC in Delaware, Ohio.

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